Residential Retaining Walls


When it comes to a project involving retaining walls, the structural engineering --which includes geological and geotechnical soil reports-- is taken care of.

Retaining Walls are used to either retain an elevation difference or to create space that other wise would not be able to be enjoyed. Many retaining walls can be built or modified in such a way that it may add beauty, value, and security.

As a Los Angeles concrete retaining wall contractor, we provide:

  • Design consultations

  • Engineering and construction

  • Permitting

  • Retaining wall repair
...And all professional services associated with the construction and repair of concrete retaining walls.

Projects we have completed involving retaining walls includes and ranges from a small backyard retaining wall to a 250 foot retaining wall hinged on caissons and grade beams along the side of a hill.

Color/Texture Options

If you are interested in looking over possible colors and textures of concrete, please follow this link: AngelusBlock

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