Design Build Contractor

Nearly 30 Years of Experience Under Our Belt

We have been in the business of contracting for nearly 30 years, and in those 30 years, we have had nothing but success for our company and our clients.

Since we operate two divisions (one being general contracting and the other being general engineering) our company is able to focus on both the 'outside' and 'inside' aspects of construction and engineering; this is another quality that really sets Prieto Engineering apart because most other companies try to merely perform one or the other.

In addition, we work hard to keep you forever informed and we ensure that no major decisions are made until you have been notified and your approval given.

Your experience should be hassle-free and enjoyable, and with Prieto Engineering, it always will be.

The clients' ultimate satisfaction is what matters most to Prieto Engineering, and we are confident that such satisfaction will be met completely.

A Price That Keeps Them Coming

We know how tough times are at this point in the economy, and it is because of that we keep our clients' budget and pocket size in mind. We do our best to get the best so that you get EXACTLY what you want and need.