Rebuilding After Mudslide is Daunting Task

The La Canada Flintridge Outlook
by: Eric Noland

February 18, 2010

" An angel riding in on a skip loader.

That’s how some residents at the top of Ocean View are describing a contractor who ventured into the area in the days after the Feb. 6 mudslide and offered his equipment, materials and the services of his crew ... free.

His name was Giulliano Prieto of Prieto Engineering in Los Angeles. Resident Pam Land said that he approached from out of nowhere on Feb. 8 and said, 'Do you need help?' Then Prieto used his skip loader to clear mud from her house and provided plywood and worked with his crew to board up broken windows at the front of her house, since another storm was due in the next day.

'I felt these people were hurting,' Prieto said later. 'They don’t know who’s going to foot the bill. Why not just help them and relieve this huge stress off their shoulders?'

Prieto first came to the area on the day after the storm as part of the Mormon Helping Hands Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. He worked at a church member’s home on Arroyo Summit Drive, but when he learned of the devastation on Ocean View, he headed there next. He immediately found a man standing bewildered on a property inundated with mud.

'He didn’t know what to do,' Prieto said. 'It’s so inexpensive for me to put a little diesel in my machine and have my guys volunteer to help out. I’ve been blessed to have work to carry me through this recession, so why not give back?' " Click HERE for full article.

Burn Areas Must Evacuate by Tuesday 10 a.m.

ABC 7 Local News
by: Leanne Suter, Carlos Granda, Rob Hayes and Gene Gleeson

February 8, 2010

" In a race against Mother Nature, volunteer work crews dug through the 4 feet of mud that filled Pam Land's home and front yard.

'I was in a state of shock. I mean, it was completely surreal,' said Land.

'What we're trying to do is build up a barricade right here, so that the water actually diverts back onto the road,' said Giulliano Prieto of Prieto Engineering. 'We have no other options except for just cutting down and then creating a new road actually for the water to flow out.'

With more rain on the way, residents are desperate to protect what is left after Saturday's devastating flash flood. " Click HERE for full article.