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Prieto Engineering professional services enables any development or construction project into completion faster than anyone other company. By providing and coordinating all the vital components we are able to design efficiently, acquire permitting, and construct with the most stringent budget in mind.

Prieto Engineering thrives on a close working connection with their clients. They understand that every project has parameters that can enable or prevent the project from completion. Understanding the principles of financial feasibility and equitable worth, there is no doubt this company is right for you.

Since Prieto performs most of the first stages of construction including grading, utilities, sewers, drainage, foundations, hard scape and more we are able to reduce the time of construction as well as create efficiencies in the actual construction process.

At Prieto Engineering we guide you through each step of the process from getting city approval and permits to project completion.

With their working knowledge of the construction process we encourage you to make your first and best decisions with Prieto Engineering.