Shotcrete Services


Seismic Rehabilitation

Subterranean Walls

Retaining Walls

Hillside Stabilization

Pool Shells

Residential Shotcrete


Prieto Engineering is able to perform the entire shotcrete process.

We are able to manage the entire process from beginning to end. This means we will sawcut, excavate, dowel and epoxy, place forms, place reinforcement, protect the work area, and place the concrete

Advantages of a Shotcrete Wet Mix

As you might have guessed, the wet mix process simply involves the pumping of already prepared concrete mix through the nozzle with a pressurized hose combined to at the nozzle to place the concrete at a high velocity.

The advantages of this process are that large volumes of concrete can be poured at a time, more precise strengths are achieved, less forming is needed, more difficult designs are achieved, a project is performed much faster.

Shotcrete Services

Reinforcement, seismic rehabilitation, subterranean walls, retaining walls, hillside stabilization, pool shells.

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